I would like to introduce you to Rami Nissan. Rami has been working with us in Lucid during the last few months. Rami was a key factor in creating a functional management team in Lucid. His excellent interpersonal skills, along with a vast experience in engineering groups, helps Rami to bring results in a very short time. Rami is today the major partnering and coaching function who any manager can approach for advice. He led several processes in our company (reorganizations, restructuring, focal reviews), always in a nice and cooperative environment.

Rami provides a lot of help to me in working with my reporting managers as well as with my peers. He can work with executive staff level as well as with junior managers. Rami can bring a lot of value to any management team, in a short period and with tangible results. Rami worked also in international companies with presence in Israel, so he's acquainted to work within different cultures.

I would recommend you to meet Rami, to know his capabilities and check if there is a place for cooperation.

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